AGE : 24

BUST : 34D

BODY : 8

HAIR : Brunette

EYES : Hazel

HEIGHT : 5'7"

NATIONALITY : South American

About Me


Spanish is an undoubtedly beautiful language, and in it there exists a word which has no English equivalent. ‘Duende’ refers to the mysterious power that a work of art can have over a person, bringing on a heightened sense of passion, emotion and inspiration. 

There is more to life than simply living - and there is no better way to truly experience ‘duende’ than to discover the passion, fire and charm of a South American beauty - introducing Catalina!

Latin women are beautiful, strong, passionate, seductive and loyal. They are also some of the most honest women you will ever meet - and it doesn’t get more genuine than that. This gorgeous Latina oozes sex appeal, intelligence and wisdom beyond her years. Her vibrant and friendly personality makes her the perfect companion for exploring the finer and naughtier things in life. If you’ll allow her, she will gladly take your hand and open your eyes to a world of pure delight.

Mesmerising and truly one of a kind, Catalina is a companion you could never be bored by! 


1hr : $700

2hr : $1400

3hr : $2100

4hr : $2800

Overnight : $6000

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